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Номын нэр: Twitter of red bird
Зохиогч: Буянзаяа.Ц 
Эрхлэн гаргасан: “Чөлөөт Монгол” хэвлэлийн газар
Хэвлэгдсэн он: 2011
Хэл: Англи
Нүүрний тоо: 0
Худалдах үнэ: 4000₮
Номын товч

Writer Ts.Buyanzaya’s this novel “Twitter of Red bird” is represented interestingly psychological world of a guy who has been migrating from nomadic life in countryside to city and started his life. The main

character of this novel is decided to move to the big city after his graduation of university and he rented many types of apartment’s room in the city so action of this novel begins with entering secret to life and develops his own view of life. Professor of National University of Mongolia D.Galbaatar /Ph.D, literature research/ said:

This novel truly revealed mind regression and

corruption of people at lower level of society by

representing a guy who in pursuit of apartment rent which is the first need of livelihood.

“Twitter of Red bird” roman shrilly presented reality of people who is living in very hard condition and their closed psychology small world, humanness, grime and their corrupted routine as well as their bad habits is not only because of themselves it is all related to the society.

As well as “Twitter of Red bird” roman was great work that revealed psychology of a guy who is trying to reach goodness and lights of life and his dreams and wishes.

The novel is taking notice of researchers due to new idea and short and clear action, represented characters in very specific ways. Furthermore, it is valuable that the writer tried to show psychology of characters of this novel.

This novel was first printed in 2001, currently

printed 4 editions. First edition was printed in

Ulaanbaatar from Center of Mongolian literature and second edition was printed in 2003 from “Taliin

gerel” magazine of Inner Mongolia and third edition was printed by National Media commitee of China as “Free Mongolia” series. A Fourth edition is now printed by the “Chuluut Mongol” printing company in Mongolia in 2011. This time “Chuluut Mongol” printing company has been publishing the novel in English for the first time.

Since “Twitter of Red bird” novel was printed

currently over 10 literature researchers have written

research article for this novel which is definite that this novel was great and new incident.

“Chuluut Mongol” Publishing house 2011.08.25.

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