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Номын нэр: The Lighthouse and other ghost stories
Зохиогч: Patrick Kennedy 
Эрхлэн гаргасан: Talk Talk English
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Хэл: Англи
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Худалдах үнэ: 8000₮
Номын товч

Do you believe in ghosts? No? Maybe this book will change your mind…

What happened at The Forest Hotel one hundred years ago? What do the ghostly sisters do to young Jimmy Kinsella when he stays in The Old Dark House all night? What does the mysterious Night Visitor want from one of America’s richest men?

These questions will be answered in The Lighthouse, a collection of six ghost stories that is sure to entertain and frighten you.

The Lighthouse is published by Hippo Books, a publisher dedicated to producing interesting, readable and fun books. This book is suitable for English students with pre-intermediate English or higher.  Be sure to check out our other Hippo Graded Readers.

About the Author: Patrick Kennedy is the editor of the Hippo Books Graded Readers and Hippo Originals. He is also one of Hippo's principal writers. He is a Delta qualified English teacher with well over ten years' experience teaching in Europe and Asia. Although relatively new to the world of fiction, he has written many English text books for high school and general English classes. He is the author of the Mahoney Green books and has contributed to many of Hippo's short story collections. 

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