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Номын нэр: Motivational Stories 2
Зохиогч: Эмпати-Ертөнц ХХК 
Эрхлэн гаргасан: Эмпати-Ертөнц ХХК
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Хэл: Англи
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Худалдах үнэ: 9000₮
Номын товч

Several years ago, while I was reading these stories, I was impressed that it would be very helpful if the wonderful stories were available for students in a simple, straight-forward style. As this impression persisted, I felt inspired to undertake the project myself, and I can truthfully say that it has been a marvelous and exciting adventure.

Most of the stories are quite short. Before I began editing, I thought there might be perhaps fi ft y or sixty good stories, but before I was through, I had edited 100 stories, and I know that there are many more. I believe there are lessons that can be learned from every story—even lessons about us — and that the overall eff ect of these stories is both inspirational and educational.

During the editing process, I was blessed with abundant inspiration. I received critical and profound insights important to the various stories from unexpected sources. I was amazed at how the project unfolded and progressed. I am grateful to all who have off ered encouragement, suggestions, insights, and help.

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